~...sEpErTi BiNtaNg...~

hours fly, flowers die... new days, new ways.... pass by, love stays....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

life is always like this...

as we grow up,
we learn that the 1 person that wasn't supposed to ever let u down
probably will..

u will have ur heart broken probably more than once

and its harder ever times..

u will break hearts too

so remember how it felt when yours was broken..

u will fight with ur bestfriend and u will lose some friends too

u will blame ur new one for things an old one did

u will cry because time is passing too fast

u will eventually lose someone u love

so take too many pictures,

laugh too much

and love like u never been hurt

because every 60 seconds u spend upset
is a minute of happiness u will never get back!!


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