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hours fly, flowers die... new days, new ways.... pass by, love stays....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


tHe WEaK CaN nEvEr FoRgIvE
fOrGiVeNeSs Is thE aTtrIbUtE Of tHe STRONG!

ReMeMbER ThAt...
U DoNt fOrGivE pEopLe FoR ThEiR bEnEfIt
U Do iT fOR yOuR bENefIt!

do u ever listen to the song ' sorry seem to be the hardest word'?
do u ever experience it by urself?
sometimes it is true when we are facing difficult and hard situation
but then, we had to believe that forgiveness is not something that difficult..
just try,
forget n forgive..


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